Saturday, October 8, 2011

Doing a little victory dance

Yes. I got my slide show up here on my blog. Yeah!!!!  It wasn't easy and I never would have done it without help from the help forum. Thankfully they were patient with me and finally figured out all the hoops I had to jump through to make this work. It certainly wasn't a very straight forward proposition. At least not for this non tech savvy person.

But it is up and working beautifully so now you can see some of the designs I have done. It is by no means all of them. It does give a good feel for my style and loves. My passion for doilies definitely shows. Hope you enjoy it.

Going to try and take a bit of a break from my crocheting today and work out in the yard. At least for a little while. The weather is nice enough that I won't cook out there. So much happier now that the weather has started to cool down.  I must  admit I am missing the fall colors. We just don't seem to get them down here. Oh I know I can drive to the mountains to see them. But it's not the same as having them right out your window. Okay enough of that. I will make the most of the world I have around me and not dwell too much on what I don't have available.
So I will trim up a few trees and figure out where I am going to put my tomato plants. Not going to get too carried away with a veggie garden until I figure out how to do it down here.  It's going to be a learning experience for me. My goal this year is a few tomato plants and maybe a zuchinni. Then I will add more next year. But I have to have my tomatoes.

My swatches are coming along. Lots of do and redo going on. But I am getting what I want slowly but surely. Sometimes what looks good on paper just doesn't work in reality. Hence the experimentation. Still not a hundred percent pleased with this one so far. Will work on it later today after I have had some time to think about it. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the hardest to carry out.

Off to play in the yard

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