Friday, October 28, 2011

My design is all figured out. I just need to do it in the right thread now. I normally work in the thread I am going to use. But the thread for the final doesn't handle frogging well so I decided to do a test design first that I could frog to my hearts content. I will wait to do the final until next week as I need to be able to concentrate and write the pattern up at the same time. That is a bit hard to do on the weekends when we tend to be out and about more and there is more than just me in the room. Just too many distractions to do a good job of writing up a more complicated pattern.  I am pleased with how it is turning out. Well I normally am at this point. If I wasn't I would be frogging........................ DUH!!!
 I did come up with a scathingly brilliant idea yesterday. Today we are making it happen.
 I was outside working in the yard and when I was putting away the wheelbarrow I happened to glance over at the disassembled dog kennel we had when Pip was a puppy and we didn't want to leave him in the house when we were both at work. Its chain link, 6 ft by 6 ft. Well it hit me what a perfect little yard for my garden. I can have all my plants in there protected from the busy little rabbits that thrive around here. So Marv is reassembling it now for me. All my plants are in pots so I can move them easily if it freezes and I want to get them in under cover. So moving them into my garden yard will not be a problem. Of course it just a small area but this is my year of experimentation down here so I am only doing a small garden any ways.  Next year if I need more space we will do something a bit more permanent.

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