Friday, October 21, 2011

Going to take the weekend and work on this project I started yesterday. Monday I will start the next piece that has a deadline. It will only take me a few days to get it done. But it's easier to concentrate on something like that during the week when things are a bit quieter. The project I am working on is easily portable and doesn't take too much concentration. Now that I got it all worked out what I want to do on it. So while we are out and about this weekend it can go with me. Perfect for this weekend.  And I am so ready for this weekend.
 I am So frustrated, something ate my Roma Tomato plant. Right off at the base. It was doing so good too. It had blooms on it and looked so healthy. So tomorrow I will have to replace that poor plant and put a cage around it to keep whatever got it away from my tomatoes.
I did make the best acorn squash I have ever had last night. Instead of baking it with brown sugar and butter like I normally do. I decided I wanted something with a little less fat to it. So I had the inspiration of filling the well of the squash with Cinnamon applesauce instead. Then baking it. I did rub the cut with applesauce too before I baked it. Talk about good. I will definitely be doing that one again. So simple and so good. Even Marv said it was pretty tasty. That is saying something.
Time to get back to work, The siren call of my hook is calling me.

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