Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finished the shawl early this morning. It is now being blocked. So I am feeling good about the last few days work. I would brag about it looking lovely, but that isn't the polite thing to do.... Ah  well I will anyways. Yes, I think I have a good design here. It really is rather pretty, Okay really pretty. I am also pleased that the pattern is 99% written. Just have to put some numbers for the final rnd in and all the pertinent information. Hook, Yarn, Size that sort of thing. 
   Now I can get busy on my next project. Yeah this one is thread. Looking forward to that. Shouldn't take me long to do what I need to do for this one. My fingers are itching to get back to work in thread. I did have some sneak into my hands last night and I couldn't resist and did up a sample motif. Felt sooo good.
   But before I get busy on that I do need to take some time and give my house a quick once over. Things like find the top of my dest again. Do the vacuming and dusting and we wont even talk about what needs done in the bathrooms. Though I do keep them and the kitchen pretty much caught up all the time. There are some things in life that are just better off if you don't let them slide even a little bit. I don't like paying the price when I do.....
   Once the next three projects are done. I am sincerely hoping I can find a little time to sort out my thread cabinet. It's starting to get a little more jumbled than I care to see it. I do like being able to find things when I want them. Saves me having to go out and by more. That and it still has never really been organized yet since the move. It just sort of got put in there any old which way and I have been working out of it that way since. Time to change that.

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