Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am back on my normal schedule today. Actually for once I am right on the time line I was projecting for the day. Not often I meet it so closely. It's nice when you meet goals with time to spare.
 Doily is on the blocking board, I will take care of the pattern this afternoon. Plus I have one more that needs to be readied for my testers. Then I will free to do some experimentation this afternoon for another design. Thats when I am the happiest I think. When I am playing with ideas an watching them come together.

While working this morning on finishing up this doily I was thinking about how we are perceived by others. ( Crochet Designers as a whole )  When some one asks what I do and I tell them I design crochet I get such a myriad of responses. Mostly though It oh my ( insert relation ) crocheted. It was a such nice hobby for them. Sometimes I get the oh that's nice response and sometimes they look at me with a blank expression on their face. Those I do try and explain what Crochet is and what patterns are and why designers are needed.
   But how many of these people actually think I am doing something of value?  If I worked in factory assembling a product then I would be gainfully employed. But I work here at home assembling something that never existed before except as an idea. In many ways that is tougher. I have no blueprint, no specifications, just an idea and my tools. But I always get the feeling that they think I am just playing. If only they knew how driven a person with ideas can be they would know better.

You know it's like cooking. Lots of people cook. Some more seriously than others. Then there are Chefs that produce food for others to consume. That is their job. They create new dishes, and serve them up for us, or create new recipes for us to enjoy. They are respected and no one thinks they are playing. We should have the same sort of respect. Yes your granny could cook but was she a chef?  If she was wonderful! But if not please don't put me in the same category. I am a chef and the average cook needs me  to create the recipes that they use in their everyday lives.

Crochet is important to so many people. It helps relieve stress. It fills the creative void in others. It helps people create and own something they desire. It's really a big industry and I feel honored to be a small part of it. But I would like someday to be have people take is as a real career.
I guess I am fantasizing about have people take me seriously. Maybe in the future.....


  1. I hear you, Kathy! I have been designing for over 30 years, and even some members of my family are still not clear on what I do for a living. One of my cousins called me a while back and asked me to make a baby blanket for a co-worker's baby shower. When I told her I really didn't do that kind of thing, she was surprised. I tried to explain that I was a designer, and only sold patterns, but I think I just confused her. Only when I got my web site up, so that people could see all of my designs, did they start to understand.
    But like you said to me, "There are a lot of crocheters, but only a hand full of people who can create new and exciting designs" (or something along those lines.)

  2. Thanks Ann! I know you understand about this. I think all of us designers go through it to some degree. I doubt it really will change in my life time. There are just some jobs that people refuse to see as a job.
    I do feel lucky as Marv at least understands and supports me and I guess in reality that is all that really matters.

  3. As a crochet design myself, I so relate to that! I get frustrated sometimes, because my coworkers (at my full time, out of the house job) are very very supportive & excited about my designs, but yet my own parents & hubby don't get it, & they hear me talk about the design process all the time.

  4. I am not a designer, but am so grateful for those that do. Just found your blog and glad I did..hope you will drop by mine just to take a look at my work..